“ESPL is a team that oscillates together at the same wavelength – they are amazingly supportive”. Helen Erwood, Chairman

ESPL Regulatory Consulting started in 2000 when Dr Helen Erwood, a senior Regulatory Affairs professional, with previous experience of a number of large pharmaceutical companies, decided to offer her expertise to a wider audience by building on the business which was initially founded in 1996. Initially it was just Helen, but the company has grown and now employs a permanent team of regulatory professionals, as well as working with other experts as needed to support specific projects.


The main offices of ESPL are located at Lunna House in the idyllic north-eastern corner of the mainland island of Shetland. There is a second office in Glasgow and an array of remote staff across the UK and Europe.

Leadership Team

Our Team

Our team boasts a wide array of expertise and experience in Regulatory Affairs, meaning we can provide just the right level of expertise to support our clients’ needs. Our multidisciplinary team means we are able to support clients with complex submissions, and involve specific expertise at each phase of any regulatory procedure.

In addition to our core team, ESPL works with local experts throughout the EU as well as further afield, to enable us to provide specialist local expertise across many international markets and covering all aspects of pharmaceutical and device development.



In April of 2019 the company became employee owned under the leadership of Jason Collins and Chris Erwood with Helen continuing as Chairman and in a consulting role. Employee ownership means that all members of the team input into, and benefit from, the success of the company, working together to deliver results and make the company better, whilst maintaining our ethos of a friendly and happy environment with a good work-life balance. The team will continue to provide support across a wide variety of projects and therapeutic areas, and use their experience and cohesiveness to support our clients effectively and efficiently.